Books by Robert Hargrove: Founder of Masterful Coaching

Masterful CoachingMasterful Coaching, 3rd Edition

This landmark book is for anyone who wants to begin their journey to Masterful Coaching on the right road. Coaching is not about good advice, filling constructive suggestions, or filling leadership gaps. It’s about working with leaders shoulder-to-shoulder in realizing an Impossible Future that their past dictates is not possible, and elevating them to their better selves in the process. Learn the 12 Catalytic Coaching Conversations for creating an Impossible Future and transforming yourself as a leader in the process. TOC→       CHAPTER→     AMAZON→     BARNES & NOBLE→

Masterful Coaching Fieldbook Masterful Coaching Fieldbook

The basic management model in place in every Fortune 500 company is about 100 years old and designed to turn people into robots. We need new ways of leading and managing that are consistent with an age of talent, a creative economy, and innovation. This book is all about the leader as coach and offers a simple, but powerful five step model. It shows you how to be the kind of leader who can both deliver on today’s business results, while providing an opportunity for people to pursue their passions. TOC→     AMAZON→     BARNES & NOBLE→

Your First 100 Days in a New Executive JobYour First 100 Days in a New Executive Job

In your first 100 days in a new, high stakes, executive role, it is essential to establish a virtuous circle of increasing personal credibility and momentum, and avoid a vicious circle of diminishing credibility and inertia. This book shows you 10 critical success strategies for your first 100 days that takes the mystery out of executive onboarding. It teaches you to think in terms of three waves of change: 1) securing early wins, 2) attacking ‘A’ level priorities, and 3) establishing a long-term vision. TOC→     INTRO→    CHAPTER→  AMAZON→   BARNES & NOBLE→

Your Coach in a Book by Robert HargroveYour Coach in a Book

Imagine being a fly on the wall, a privileged observer to conversations of a masterful coach and a leader as they address some of the most perplexing issues and dilemmas that leaders face as they strive to maintain a competitive edge in a changing world. The book is illustrated with real life stories from our clients as they deal with their trickiest business, leadership, and career challenges. It shows the teachable points of view and template for action we provided to succeed in each situation. TOC→        AMAZON→     BARNES & NOBLE→

Mastering the Art of Creative CollaborationMastering the Art of Creative Collaboration

Innovation to create an Impossible Future comes from creative collaboration between people with different views and perspectives. This book shows you a proven process for creative collaboration that starts with getting all stakeholders in the same room, identifying a problem, and then brainstorming exciting, thrilling breakthrough solutions. Real life examples of breakthrough collaborations: Xerox PARC that brought us the computer mouse, the inspirational Mideast diplomacy that led to the Oslo Accord, and NASA’s Pathfinder Mission that landed a remote controlled rover on Mars. TOC→ CHAPTER→ AMAZON→     BARNES & NOBLE→

E-Leader by Robert HargroveE-Leader in a Connected Age

In the old era, leadership was command and control. Hierarchy and bureaucracy made communication difficult and encouraged silos. In the new era, leadership needs to be much more collaborative, given that that we live in a hyper-connected age—internet, Facebook, Twitter, Skype and so on. This book shows you how to lead collaboratively, whether in your own organization or in partnerships. This book is also an invitation to embrace the creative qualities and attitudes of the internet culture and apply them to unleash innovation and inspire a sense of possibility throughout your organization. TOC→       AMAZON→     BARNES & NOBLE→

The Revenue Engine by Robert HargroveThe Revenue Engine

This book is intended for big, medium or small companies that have an ambition to become a high growth gazelle. It’s based on a “blueprint to a billion” that came out of researching the ten highest performing companies on the NYSE over the past decade. This book is a work in progress. Download the introduction now, and be notified when the next chapter is available. Once the book is completed, it will no longer be available for download, but available in stores. Download Intro→

Virtuoso: Consultative Selling in a Connected World

Virtuoso By Robert Hargrove and Tom Kaiser Robert Louis Stephenson said “Everyone lives by selling something.” Yet one of the main issues is that most sales people love their company, their brand, their product and hate selling. This ebook is designed to help you break through the barriers to “selling reluctance,” while giving you powerful strategies and tactics for closing deals. It will show you the 12 Catalytic Conversations of a 21st Century salesperson. Download ebook→