Your First 100 Days in a New Executive Job

Your First 100 Days in a New Executive Job…Get a Coach! from Robert Hargrove on Vimeo.

Take charge, build your team, and get immediate results

► Get clear on your going‐in mandate

► Create a strategy to match the business situation

► Build a First 100 Day Action Plan

► Secure early wins that build credibility & momentum

“VERY EMPOWERING! Thank you Robert for your coaching on my first 100 days as a GM.” ‐Sanjay Supriti, Wipro

The Objectives of the Process

The objectives of the first 100 day coaching process is first and foremost to empower you to believe in yourself, that you can make a difference in your new role and have an impact.

It is also to provide you the coaching you need to successfully navigate your way through your leadership transition, whether you are hired from the outside or promoted from within.

It helps you secure early wins that build credibility/momentum, and avoid making mistakes that can cause others to doubt you or that leave you in a deep hole that’s hard to climb out of.

Why Coaching?

Books on your first 100 days, like Robert book, Your First 100 Days in a New Executive Job, provide you a critical path to success. Yet leadership transitions do not occur as a series of linear or logical steps. Rather, they occur as a series of conversations or a network of conversations.

  • Am I really up to this job? Or will people find out I am an imposter?
  • What should I say and do DAY ONE to seal my leadership?
  • Whatever my going‐in mandate is, what am I actually being paid to do?
  • Do I have a team of ‘A’ players that can help me accomplish my mandate?
  • Will I secure some quick wins that build credibility or momentum? Or will
  • I stumble and sow the seeds of doubt?

Without coaching, these conversations can rattle around in your brain forever with little clarity, but a coach can help you get to clarity a lot faster, and clarity is power.

Coaching will give you eye‐opening insights and brain‐rattling perspectives about how to succeed in your new role that you might never otherwise have.

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