Transformational 360 Executive Feedback 

360 executive feedback, an alteration, not just an assessment

The fastest, most powerful way to develop executives on this planet.

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You may have considered one of the many 360’s available. Yet, what our competitors don’t tell you is that most of these 360’s are designed for the masses, based on a list of homogenized leadership competencies in order to be quickly distributed and tabulated.

Most 360s are not designed for executives with high certainty in their leadership and big egos and are basically a numbers game.
We don’t want you to think we are arrogant. Such 360’s may have their place with leaders at a certain level, but seldom are such computer based 360’s (check the boxes 1 to 5) powerful enough to profoundly alter leadership behavior at the highest levels. “I got a 3.5 on leadership agility and a 3.6 on team work. So what?”

The MC 360, specifically designed for executives and based on candid interviews and coaching conversations, is a big eye opener.
Our executive MC 360 feedback involves a combination of candid, in-depth interviews to gather the feedback and coaching conversations were we deliver the 360 results. Providing executives with the feedback allows them to recognize potential in themselves that they did not see before—which is very motivating. The coaching conversations then help executives break the grip and excel beyond the one or two old patterns that will keep them from every realizing it. People often tell us things like, “the scales fell from my eyes.”

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Produce Leadership and Business Breakthroughs

360 feedback process of executives and high potentials

How to Get Started

You can start with as few as one or two leaders on your team to build credibility and momentum for the process and then build toward providing the MC 360 to one new leader every month. The process can be used for executives at the highest levels, as well as your most promising high potentials who you want to groom for a big assignment.

Impacts Business Results The MC 360 produces not just an assessment, but an alteration, that leads to leadership and business breakthroughs, directly impacting today’s economic performance.

Our Guarantee The Masterful Coaching 360 has been done with Fortune 500 CEO’s, political appointees, and top ranking military personnel with consistent results. We are so confident in our MC 360 that we offer a fully money back guarantee if you or the leaders you sponsor are not fully satisfied.

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