The CEO Challenge

For leaders who are CEOs or who want to be CEOs.

The CEO CHALLENGE comes in two parts.

Part One is for leaders who have been identified as having CEO or top executive potential (3-5 years out), but who are missing a clear development path. Download a PDF to find out more

Part Two is a program for CEO successors (top team) and provides an accelerated development path so they are ready to step up this year. The program is presented by both the CEO of your company, who acts as a mentor, and Robert Hargrove, a CEO coach and confidante and one of the world’s most trusted leadership advisors.  Download a PDF to find out more

Becoming a CEO is not just a promotion, but a career change with many challenges, as a CEO’s job is different from the job of any other

The job of the CEO is different from any other job


In today’s world, no executive is every really prepared to become CEO (or top team member) and accelerated development and onboarding are required.

► Emotional maturity in dealing with the board, top team
► Enterprise‐wide strategic decisions and focus
► Multiple goals, priorities, complex issues
► Leadership Inside and Outside the organization
► The constant pressure for results
► “Everything is happening at once”

The CEO Challenge is a breakthrough in leadership effectiveness

The program challenges you with identifying an Impossible Future for yourself, as well as the specific leadership, business, and career challenges you need to meet to outperform in your current job and go to the next level.”

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