Robert Hargrove’s Special Introductory Offer to New York City Companies

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Robert Hargrove's Special Offers for Boston CompaniesAs Tip O’Neil, former Speaker of the House used to say, “All politics is local.”  It’s ironic that in the past few years, my business has taken me around the world to places like Berlin, or Bangalore, or Brazil. Now I want to encourage clients and make new relationships in New York City, a city that I believe to be a business and culture hub like no other.

We would like to strengthen our network of relationships with business leaders and companies in the New York City area.

As such, I am making a few introductory offers, which are all gratis. I hope you will find them exciting or at least meaningful enough to consider taking me up on them.

Free 30 Minute Executive Consultation
We meet for a short lunch or at a nearby Starbucks. I invest my time, hear about you and your situation, and give you my best advice on any of the following topics.

  • Rallying your organization with an Impossible Future or greater goal
  • Grow your business through disruptive innovation
  • Enchanting your boss (The 3 Secrets)
  • Building a High Performance Organization
  • Getting buy in on a burning platform issue
  • Preparing for a pivotal conversations
  • Creating non-financial wealth

Free 30 Minute Talk for Leaders of Big, Small, or Mid-sized Companies
We meet on one of the following topics. I invest my time, hear about your situation and give you my best advice on any of the following topics.

  • Become a Game Changers—create a high growth company through a culture of game changing, disruptive innovation
  • Create an Impossible Future in service of a cause—3 inspiring stories
  • Blueprint to a Billion—the ten multipliers of high growth companies
  • Remove the “layer of clay” in the middle of your organization that prevents any light from passing through
  • Your first 100 days—realize an Impossible Future, attack ‘A’ level priorities, secure early wins
  • “Leading the Revolution”—10 tips on shifting from management to coaching
  • Or, whatever is really on your mind…

Note: These talks are also available to leaders of government agencies, nonprofits or religious institutions

At the end of the meeting, there are three possibilities:

OneYou may shake my hand and say good bye without any pressure or guilt. It’s quite possible that it’s not a match or you don’t see there is enough added value to take the next step. If I walk out of the meeting without a client, it’s perfectly okay, because in meeting with you, I have learned something about your company and taken a step toward building my New York City network.

TwoYou are ready to commitment to engage me or Masterful Coach in helping you grow your leadership and grow your company. The coaching work might be designed to help you and your company reach an Impossible Future based on a game changer, or build a high performance organization, or accelerate leadership development of your high potentials.

ThreeYou are interested but not ready yet to commit yourself, and I may be in the same boat. This is probably the most likely scenario, and we have given a lot thought as to how to handle it. In the normal course of events, what happens with most consultants at this point is that they make a minimal investment and send you a generic proposal with their boiler point programs which you can accept or reject.

I am not going to send you my business card and a generic proposal. I find most leaders are just too busy to even read most proposals that cross their desks. What I am going to do instead is make something like a “maximum commitment” that involves doing my best to contribute something else of great value to you for gratis based on the premise that, if I deliver, it’s only going to be a matter of time before we wind up in an economic relationship. Here is what I am will do.

I will invest a full day of my time gratis, given you agree to certain performance criteria. I will come into your organization and spend a day with you (your team)—normally worth a minimum of 5-10k when I work with the CEOs of Fortune 500s—to help you realize your biggest strategic opportunities and solve your biggest problems in a very accelerated way.

I am going to engage you and other key plays in your organization in a Socratic dialogue about your goals, problems, issues, dilemmas in reaching it. I am going to ask you questions nobody else would ask you from a perspective nobody else would take.

Guaranteed Results. At the end of the day, I am going to come back and present you with some macro strategies and change initiatives that you can: a) reject out of hand, b) do on your own without me, c) hire Masterful Coaching to help implement, at a favorable rate.

Is there a catch? Yes. As I am going to invest a day of my time, I want you to invest as well by filling out a “growing leaders, growing your company” high performance organization assessment based on 20 questions that are designed to make you think.

I also want to meet other key people in your organization. Here’s how it works. I would meet with you alone for the first 2 hours, three or four of your team members for the second 2 hours, and three or four other key influencers or log jams for the third 2 hours. Then, I would come back and have dinner with you, or meet you the next day for an hour and a half breakfast meeting to present my macro strategies and change initiatives to consider.

It’s a Win/Win All the Way. You may be wondering why I should risk this. I look at it this way. Whether I convert you to a client or not, I am going to have a relationship with one of New York’s prominent companies, either established Fortune 500s or entrepreneurial innovatives. I am going to gain relational capital by having met you and the people you introduce me too and I am going to learn a lot about how Masterful Coaching could apply to other companies.