Founder: Robert Hargrove 

Robert is founder of Masterful Coaching, former Director of the Harvard Leadership Research Project, and bestselling author. He was awarded a medal from a USA Presidential Appointee for Distinguished Public Service.

As CEO “Consigliore,” Robert has groomed emerging leaders to become Fortune 500 CEOs. He has been the trusted advisor to the Chairman of the New York Stock Exchange, the European CEO of the Year, the Assistant Secretary of Defense, and Executive Director UNICEF.

Noteworthy Examples:

♦ Leadership consultant to Congressional Staffer who landed job as Secretary of the Navy & provided feedback that resulted in promotion to Under Secretary of Defense with annual budget of $350 billion. Our project to achieve joint strike capability and running the Pentagon was hailed by Senate as transformational.

♦ Discovered emerging leader in Fortune 500 energy company off the radar screen who rocketed up the corporate ladder with four promotions in a decade. Became his CEO Consigliore after he took over a Fortune 100 Company. He was voted #1 mid cap Fortune 500 CEO increasing stock 400%. He also launched a startup that grew to $4.62 billion in 2 years. It was said that the impact of his leadership was transformational.

♦ Coached emerging leader at UBS to become GM Duracell and in 3 years became CEO of Adidas. Orchestrated marketing campaign “adidas equipment” that resulted in defeating Nike in Europe and revenue increase of $5 billion over 3 years.

Specialties: Growing Leaders, Growing Companies

►Advising CEOs on achieving an Impossible Future & delivering immediate results

►Counseling potential CEOs to master the ascent to power & maximize the power they already have

►Helping clients achieve a quantum leap personally & professionally

Robert’s Books

Robert is the author of 10 books, among them: “The CEO & The Consigliore,” “Your First 100 Days,” “Masterful Coaching,” and “Mastering the Art of Creative Collaboration.”

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