Masterful Coaching Business Partners

Not Your Typical Business Consultant or Executive Coach

Jay Abraham — Los Angeles, California

  Jay Abraham has been called, “America’s Number One Marketing Wizard.” Jay is dedicated to growing businesses and advancing careers exponentially. Jay can bedazzle an audience with his strategic insights, or listen in a way that business leaders come to a much clearer understanding of their own ideas. He has worked with the business royalty of the Fortune 500, as well as countless entrepreneurs. He’s produced many thousands of success stories and spawned an entire generation of marketing consultants and experts who credit him as their primary mentor. Nearly 2,000 websites reference his successful work on the Internet alone. Forbes Magazine listed Jay as one of the top 5 executive coaches in the country saying Jay’s specialty is, “Turning corporate under-performers into marketing whizzes.” Jay specializes in successfully identifying and ethically exploiting a company’s hidden, marketable assets to create windfall profits for his clients.

Dr. Edward Choi — Seoul, Korea

  Edward ChoiDr. Choi is the author of “Coaching for Business Performance.” Dr. Choi earned a PhD from Yale and was in a brilliant career as an IBM executive when he decided to return to South Korea and start his own consulting company. Dr. Choi brought executive coaching to South Korea, introducing  it to thousands of executives in companies like Samsung, Hyundai, LG, Hana Bank and many others. Out of his commitment to provide leading edge ideas to leaders in Asia, Dr. Choi’s has been instrumental in introducing Robert Hargrove and Masterful Coaching approach to Asia and in developing the Masterful Coaching Game-Changer process for building high growth companies. Dr. Choi is a professor at Yonsei University, one of the top schools in his country. He teaches a course on leadership and Masterful Coaching, based on Robert Hargrove’s book. Dr. Choi is a contributing editor and writer at the Korean Economic Dailey (Koreas Wall Street Journal), where he has written articles on leadership, as well as masterful coaching.

Guido Cattaneo — Mexico and Italy

  Guido CattaneoFor over 20 years, Guido Cattaneo has been driving remarkable success for multinational businesses and game-changing executives around the world. By carefully studying situations, learning every business need, and identifying the best possible market opportunities, he consistently produces extraordinary results. Cattaneo has expertly steered global executives, business owners, and entrepreneurs through massive business transitions. He has successfully inter-mediated $6.5 million in business transactions. He raised $4 million from investors by structuring a group business sale that joined 10 small assisted living facilities. Cattaneo also strategized the start-up and eventual sales of a manufacturing company for $3 million more than expected. Cattaneo has a reputation for exceeding the expectations of major client accounts and speaks four different languages.

Juan Ignacio Accogli – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Juan Ignacio AccogliJuan Ignacio made his corporate career from intern to CEO for a multinational corporation in less than 10 years. He led strategic and disruptive growth initiatives for several Fortune 500 companies as HP, Equifax, Western Union, and Fujitsu. Some of the initiatives performed include business model restructuring, regional startups, 25x revenue growth, building a USD 50M revenue operation from zero and participating in more than 60 M&A process. He leverages his deep business growth expertise with a strong Corporate Finance DNA. Juan Ignacio was featured in Forbes Magazine “35 under 35 to account for” issue. Currently, he is providing advisory to CEO’s, Corporate Boards, and Entrepreneurs in building and boosting CEO profiles, driving successfully strategic initiatives, and economic value creation. He holds a BSc in Business Administration (Cum Laude) from Universidad de Ciencias Empresariales y Sociales (Argentina), a MSc in Corporate Finance and an Executive MBA from Universidad Torcuato di Tella (Argentina). In his spare time, Juan Ignacio is an avid Taekwondo practitioner and international competitor.

Hans Peter Hartmann — Zurich Switzerland

  Hans Peter HartmannHans Peter Hartmann was a Swissair Captain who flew 50,000 hours on MD-11 wide body jets all over the world before retiring. Robert and Hans Peter worked together with Hargrove and Partners in Zurich, a leadership consulting firm that coached and trained thousands in leadership, both on a public basis and in companies like UBS, Zurich Financial Services, Swissair, Nestle, and Alusuisse. His area of coaching specialization is “Leadership in Crisis,” both at the Global 1000 level, as well as for the healthcare industry and government agencies. Hans Peter is also the founder of a highly successful company called Avi Agency, which provides emergency decision making courses to Special Forces, Swat Teams, Police, Fire, Medical Teams, and of course pilots. He is an expert in the “human factors” of crisis management. He exudes wisdom, compassion, and humor.