Regatta Ranch Leadership WorkshopBecome the CEO of your life & lead the life you want

Become the leader your business needs in a Creative Economy

Scale up a 10 million business to 100 million, a 100 million business to a billion

I make my way in the world as a CEO Whisperer to the Fortune 500, and some of the best entrepreneurs in the world. I have taught leadership courses to over 30,000 people throughout the world that many people described as a life altering experiences.

The Leadership Workshop at Regatta Ranch started with one question I asked as a co-founder of the Harvard Leadership Research Project: “How do you teach leadership that not only leaves people knowing about leadership, but that also actually transforms them into being a leader?”

The present model of leadership development has been useful, but leaves people with little more than a labyrinth of descriptions and explanations about leadership.

The Leadership Workshop provides people a powerful and unique context (or place to come from) that gives people direct access to leadership and the effective exercise of leadership as a natural self-expression

The Leadership Workshop at Regatta Ranch also takes into account that the hierarchal, bureaucratic, leadership that Henry Ford would have been familiar with is simply not sustainable into today’s creative economy.
The most important human talents that are required today are gifts that cannot be commanded–initiative, imagination, innovation, and daring do.

In the Leadership Workshop, we work with beautiful horses in order to show participants how to lead without formal authority and to build effective teams.

Plus, I’ll be incorporating Q &A, problem-solving clinics and strategizing sessions that deal with participants’ “real-world” issues and opportunities. This includes hot seats, lightening rounds and industry-specific focus segments galore.

“I had all of the characteristics that someone would point to and say was leadership. I had the title and rank, business authority a big staff and budget but I did not feel like I was really exercising leadership. That is, I wasn’t actually creating anything new. Out of my participation in the course, I started within my company a new $billion business from scratch.”

Rewrite the Future

Most people, companies, and cultures face a Default Future, which is what will happen if you stay on your current course and nothing changes.
The Leadership Workshop at Regatta Ranch is designed to be a crucible experience that will help you rewrite your future, your company’s future, and transform yourself as a leader in the process.

In the Leadership Workshop, I will show you how to become the kind of leader who changes the world (your world).

You don’t just have to resign yourself to the default future. You can say “No.” You can create a powerful new future for yourself and your business that is bold, unprecedented, that wasn’t supposed to happen.

In the Leadership Workshop I will help you in four ways.

1. Become the CEO of your life starting today. I have worked with many CEOs and leaders at all levels. If you are like them, you have gotten better over the years at getting bigger jobs, a bigger paycheck, a bigger house.
Yet you haven’t gotten better at doing something you love, having a real sense of accomplishment, having great relationships, integrating your personal and professional lives, and living a life that matters.
In the Leadership Workshop at Regatta Ranch, I will teach you how to become the CEO of your Life, and stop being a mere CEO of your company, vice president, direct report, or employee.

2. Become the leader your business needs. Are you a leader or a manager? Most people in leadership roles are managers who do their best to optimize their core business, do the same thing better. It was okay just to be a manager in a world where change was better behaved. Today, you have to be a leader who can do something more than core to help you deal with constant change and disruption.
In the Leadership Workshop you will discover your own ability to seize the White Space, come up with innovative business models, and drive transformational growth.

3. Build a Trusted ‘A’ Team at the Top. As a leader, you can come up with a grand vision and a “playing to win” strategy, but unless you have that trusted team of ‘A’ Players at the top who have got your back and who can execute, you can forget about getting very far.
I will show you how the first step is getting your priorities in order: People first, Strategy second, and Processes third.
Creating a trusted team at the top is as much about how you show up as a leader, as it is about finding the right people. It takes integrity, authenticity, standing for something bigger than yourself, being cause in the matter.

4. Make something happen that wasn’t supposed to happen. Leadership is different than management. Managers make what already exists work better. Today, given constant change and business disruption, leaders at all levels must make something happen that wasn’t supposed to happen that somehow changes the world in which we live, and changes our lives in the process.
There are opportunities in every job to make something happen that wasn’t supposed to happen. The Leadership Workshop will show you how to identify those opportunities and act in a way that matters.

Guiding Ideas, Simple to Use Tools, Easy to Learn Methods That Translate Across the World

If you want to change how a person thinks, don’t tell them what to think, instead give them a tool. – Buckminster Fuller

Once people are standing in a context consistent with leadership as a natural self-expression, they need various tools to be effective in the exercise of leadership.

In the Leadership Workshop people practice with the following tools (and more). These tools can then be used later at anytime.

• 360 Transformational Coaching: The Leadership Workshop provides alternative 360 methods: In depth Interviews vs computer tick sheets that are face to face, putting bosses, colleagues, direct reports in the room together.

• 4 D Leadership: This is a tool that helps leaders and a thinking partner discuss the four most important decisions they will make in any given year: 1) People 2) Strategy 3) Processes 4) Cash Flow.

• Business Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities Finder: Helps your group assess current trends so as to reveal opportunities and match them to your strengths and weaknesses.

• Building a Motivating Vision Template: Helps people acknowledge the Default Future that will automatically happen in one’s area if they stay on the current track and develop a motivating vision of the future they want instead.

• The One Page Strategic Plan: Provides a template for creating a One Page Strategic Plan—Vision, Values, BHAGS, picking Four Priorities for the year.

• Pivotal Action Learning Projects: Leaders develop through challenging experiences that are high profile, high risk high reward.

• Managing Change: This easy to use method makes change management simple and powerful. It’s based on the metaphor of a three stranded rope: 1) establishing the need for change, 2) build motivating vision, and 3) institutionalization.

There are just a few places left in this unique leadership workshop. Download a brochure here or call Patti Reeser for more information or to register @ The Regatta Ranch, Mason Michigan, 517-676-6353 or visit her here.

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