I’m Robert Hargrove, author, CEO whisperer, and business coach, and this is my new masterclass…

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A Master is someone who has found out. -Werner Erhard

You might be asking yourself just what is a masterclass? Einstein held them, the composer Franz List and Picasso held them as well. In recent years, actors like Dustin Hoffman, writers like James Patterson, and even tennis star Serena Williams have led masterclasses. In most cases, a masterclass involves someone, who has mastered a field, providing inspiration and motivation, the right mindset, and practical know-how to students who have “skin in the game” in an intimate setting that combines theory and practice.

I’ve met many CEOs of big, medium and small companies, who are not the CEO of their lives.

I got the idea of a masterclass years ago when I watched Benjamin Zander, conductor of the Boston Civic Orchestra, conduct a masterclass with young students. I will never forget him telling students of the violin, piano, and horn as they performed Mozart, Bach, and Beethoven before him, that there was a difference between being a great musician who plays with passion and a great technician who plays notes. I watched as Zander relentlessly coached student after student to break through whatever was holding them back and deliver a virtuoso performance.

I have decided to give a series of masterclasses based on my lifetime of experience, being an author of landmark books, CEO Whisperer to the Fortune 500, and business coach to some of the best CEOs and entrepreneurs. Through this series of masterclasses, I hope to share a lifetime of lessons on pivotally important topics through a powerful and unique format, in a way that I never could in books, the workshops, coaching calls and so on.

The Masterclass series is an opportunity to lead the life you want.

The topics for the Masterclass involve: 1) Being the CEO of Your Own Life, 2) Your First 100 Days In a New Job, 3) Women in Leadership, 4) Rewriting Your Business Future.

It takes a village of “gurus” to raise a super successful person, so I will be incorporating other experts in all phases of my masterclasses.

You will find the critical success strategies you learn in the masterclass video tutorial brain rattling and eye opening.


Let us know if you are interested in finding out more about Robert Hargrove’s Masterclasses.