Coaching High Performance BoardI wrote this blog earlier this year and am posting it again because it was in fact the impetis for my friend George to begin creating a high performance board.

The CEO of a Fortune 500 company was less than a year into the job. He had turned the company around 180 degrees, brought in a team of ‘A’ players, developed a game-changing strategy, cleaned up operations, and doubled the stock price. He and his team had spent the last week preparing for a board meeting, working 24/7 on the presentation.

At the meeting, the board did not offer one word of acknowledgement for what had been achieved. The board members spent most of the meeting with grim faces trying to direct and control the CEO, shooting down the team’s proposals (based on scant information), and asking questions that made people feel stupid. The board members seemed to focus on what was wrong.

By the end of the meeting, the CEO and his team, who had been riding high, felt totally deflated by the interaction with the board. Every bit of passion, élan, entrepreneurship, initiative, artistry, valor, nerve, grit, originality, derring-do and hustle had left their once fully engaged minds and tired bodies. The CEO told me that the way these guys managed his team was “God awful” and declared, “I want to lead a revolution!”

Curiously, the members of the board were “good citizens” with sincere and honest intentions. They were simply doing what in their minds good managers do. Yet, they were part of a vast, unconscious, unwitting conspiracy to destroy every bit of aspiration and motivation that the people on this high-performing team had. The board members were unaware, and they were unaware that they were unaware.

Remember the old adage: Just putting a group of intelligent, successful individuals together in a room does not make for a brilliant team.

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