Introductory Offer—3 Sessions $1000 with Robert Hargrove

Do you have a situation that is keeping you up at night?

“The coaching I had with Robert Hargrove was eye opening, brain rattling and left me feeling totally empowered in face of my situation.” Gary Peck, CEO S Group

Every day I talk to business leaders from around the world who are interested in working with me. So I have to be very selective. The people I most like to work with want to be a CEO, create a 10X future, or cut through an issue that is like a Gordian knot. Yet sometimes people wind up sitting on the fence.

I have been looking for a way to help you and I get to know each other better and I think I have found it. The idea is to coach you on a specific situation that is really bothering you in three sessions for just $1000.

Some of the situations people talk to me about…

  • I am dealing with a hostile board who has not recognized my performance with fair compensation.
  • I once thought I was CEO (C Suite) material, but now feel stuck in the middle of the organization.
  • I am trying to grow revenue in an IMPOSSIBLE ENVIRONMENT. How do I create a high performance organization?
  • I feel like I am trying to bring about change with one hand tied behind my back.
  • My boss is not a multiplier with people, but a diminisher who sucks the air out of the room. How should I handle this?
  • I need help with preparing for a major new job interview.
  • I am going into my first 100 days in a new demanding job. Can you give me some help?

Instead of just having a conversation with yourself about your situation, how about having a conversation with me?

I have worked with many CEOs, as well as leaders at all levels, in 100 different industries, and with thousands of companies. I have a vast experience, which I am able to bring to the conversation, plus provide you with a basis of detached judgment.

The problem with having a conversation with yourself is you always see the situation from the same frame of reference, which may lead to the same action or to getting stuck.

When you have the conversation with me, you will start to see your situation in a new way and start to be able to act in a new way.

My special offer:

  • We have 3 phone calls of about 60 minutes each within a month’s time period
  • I listen to you talk about the problem, gain insight into what is keeping you or the situation stuck, then present you with powerful new openings for possibility and action.
  • Between calls, you will have “homework” – things to think about or do.
  • After each call, I will provide a written summary of the call and a recommendation.
  • All of this for just $1000.

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Contact me personally for more information:, or 617-739-3300