It is astonishing how much time, effort, and money is spent on leadership programs that have no connection to performance.

The typical leadership coaching program is like a recipe from an HRD cookbook put together by PhDs in organizational psychology, whose only real world result was probably their thesis. It generally has everything in it but the kitchen sink.

The High Potential Leadership Development Program (A RECIPE FOR DISASTER)

Recipe for Disaster♦ 3 cups of homogenized leadership competencies

♦ 2 cups of Center for Creative Leadership 360 feedback (tick the box 1 to 5)

♦ A dollop of Emotional Intelligence

 2 tablespoons of appreciative inquiry

♦ A dash of action learning on a generic business issue

Take all these ingredients and simmer then in a big pot for three days (i.e., marching your high potentials off to a leadership training)

Finally, add 3 hours of coaching over 6 months

Well documented research by Noel Tichy at the University of Michigan shows that none of this kind of leadership training has any correlation to leadership development and certainly no correlation to results.

At Masterful Coaching, we have a different kind of approach. In the Rising Star Coaching Program, leaders develop in a very accelerated way through a real time learning process, tied directly to your organization’s most pivotal goals and most urgent problems. What are you doing to develop your leaders?

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