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I owe today’s thinking to my good friend/colleague, Robert Hargrove. We talk regularly about a wide “swath” of business and life issues. Deep, stimulating, thought-provoking discussions.

Today, out of left field, our conversation turned to struggling entrepreneurs…you know the picture…underperforming, under-earning, under-selling, under-succeeding their goals, dreams or needs.

Anyhow, Robert blurted out an impromptu statement that knocked me off my chair. You might be provoked to think about it, too!

He said – most struggling entrepreneurs suffer from EITHER half-baked ideas or half-baked efforts.

Now – our conversation COULD have stopped there and been done…and the thought would have dissipated into the vaporous cosmos. But, I stopped Robert in mid-statement saying – that might be the most profound insight anyone has ever recognized.

He seemed puzzled. Perhaps you are, too. Here’s my interpretative take (so you can see what I saw in this statement).

Now, remember I’ve recently become “near-fixated” on the recognition that every human being wants/craves (and is programmed) for greatness, but few ever attain it. Remember “why”?

1. They don’t know what it looks like.

2. They don’t know the highest/best, most impactful path to pursue it.

3. They don’t have the self-confidence, courage to change direction and march to a different drummer.

4. If they DO get started and it seems challenging or they become derailed, they have no one to set them back on the right track, no one to believe in them/support them enough to keep them progressing – until enough success, momentum, and velocity takes over.

Well now – going back to Robert Hargrove and his comments about half-baked ideas and half-baked efforts.

I submit – and I hope you agree – that no one in their right mind would knowingly, purposely, continuously pursue a half-baked (meaning limited-viability, convoluted or problematic, flawed) concept/business model/product/service or market, idea or effort — would you?!

So IF most people pursue half-baked ideas – it can only mean they don’t know any better. They don’t know what high success-probability looks like, they don’t know higher and better product/service models/markets, etc. to pursue.

Again – no one purposely wants to be half-baked.

Same goes for half-baked effort. No one spends a career or backs a business, only to perform mediocre – or worse, to fail. So IF you’re executing, implementing, selling, marketing, promoting, competing half-baked – it most likely means you don’t know what executing full-out/masterfully and strategically means…or looks like!

Let me continue – because, I want to give just “dues” where deserved.

Robert went further to make another provocative point. He says most people incorrectly focus on what’s wrong – instead of correctly focusing on “what’s missing.”

Why am I sharing this? First of all, “why not?”

I think it’s quite profound in its disarmingly elegant understatement. Furthermore, it tracks perfectly with my recent thoughts about greatness or lack thereof.

Finally, it feeds my supposition that anyone reading this wants to know how to move themselves and their business from mediocrity to magnificence.

By the way – if you think I’m setting you up to sell something here – think again. I am NOT. I’m merely respecting your intelligence and trying to “hauntingly” provoke you to think differently about whether or not you and your business paradigm may be unknowingly “stuck.”

And what if you ARE? What’s a half-baked, mediocre-minded, misguided entrepreneur to do – to move yourself (and your self-worth), your business, your ideas and your effort into more stratospheric realms of greatness?

Well, a couple of things I might suggest right away:

1. Re-read everything I’ve done, written, said or presented on preeminence – because, odds are you aren’t following many (if any) of its foundational beliefs.

2. Review my 12 Pillars of Strategic Success. Particularly look at the segment that discusses making SUCCESS a natural part of your everyday thinking/actions – and discuss what success thinking looks like.

3. Review the Nine Drivers of Exponential Growth and then, self-audit your mindset and methods of thinking about and doing business. Remember, I focus you on strategy-marketing-business model-ideology-process/procedure-relationships-capital deployment, etc.

4. Go through the Greatness, 4-Part Checklist. Do YOU really know what greatness looks like for yourself — and business? Do you REALLY know what path will take you there — fastest, safest, best? Do you have the courage/commitment to pursue that path? If you’ve fallen off the wagon – do you have someone to set you back on the right path – and believe in your greatness?

5. Are you thinking critically about the implications, correlations, and assumptions/ideology your actions and activities are currently based upon?

6. Do you understand what true value means to your marketplace?

People criticize me a bit lately for seeming to be more philosophical/ideological than transactional. Nothing could be further from the truth.

I’m merely trying to invoke, engage, install the high performance “supercharger” you may be currently missing, in all you do – FOR without the elements I’m focusing on here fully installed/instilled/engaged – you can’t possibly transform mediocrity into magnificence.

I’m taking everything down from my site in a week or two. But right now, right here, you can get a ton of clarity, answers, support from the one person who truly believes in your greatness – ME.

No opt-in. Sells nothing. None of the resources sell anything else, either.

To be or not to be…great!

Half-baked or magnificent?

You decide. That’s your self-diagnostic, reality-check question.

Jay Abraham

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