Great Leaders Masterclass

The Seven Levels of Leadership: Leadership Development Accelerated!

Is there a gap between the leaders you have and the leaders you need? The Great Leaders Series dramatically accelerates leadership development for leaders at all levels. Grounded in Robert Hargrove’s award winning book, Masterful Coaching, the program develops 7 Leadership Levels.

Some Unique Features of the Program

  • Presented by one of the world’s most trusted leadership advisors
  • Great Leaders Masterclass combines classroom, 1:1 coaching, and 360 feedback
  • The program is easily customized to leaders at all levels and all organizations
  • It is scalable from small to large groups
  • The program translates across the globe by touching universal leadership issues
  • It is packed with eye opening principles, easy to learn methods, and practical tools

Program Structure

The Leadership Masterclass is structured to meet the needs of your group. It can be a 3 day program, 4 day program, or spread out over a year with a kick-off meeting, plus 3 quarterly meetings. Download PDF with more details here.

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