Emerging Leaders Program

For Emerging Leaders Who Touch Your Strategy

► High impact executive development through 1 to 1 coaching

► Collaboration on strategic change through group coaching

► Builds a high performance organization with real ROI

“ENERGIZING! You helped me create a high performance culture vs. default to incremental improvement.” Tommy Duncan, VP HR, ConocoPhillips

At Masterful Coaching we have explored a new paradigm of leadership development based on standing in people’s greatness.

Leadership development starts with people believing in themselves, that they can make a difference, have an impact, and that they matter.

The Masterful Coaching Experience for Emerging Leaders starts with helping people find their greatness, making sure they are in a situation where this can manifest.

This is about helping emerging leaders discover their unique qualities of excellence and mastering them by continually seeking to perform at the highest levels, not about defining people by competencies, strengths, and gaps.

Emerging Leaders Model

Our Emerging Leaders Process Combines Leadership Development and Personal Mastery

The Seven Levels of Leadership is very aspirational for participants. People assess which level they are on, and what they need to do to make a quantum leap to the next level.

The Extraordinary Leader Model—Based on The Seven E’s. Leadership is not a special gene, but a special attitude and set of behaviors that can be learned by anyone.

Personal Mastery Skills. We teach participants the four dimensions of personal mastery, and then coach them to breaking the grip and excelling beyond old paradigms that limit creativity and effectiveness.

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