Robert Hargrove’s Emerging Leaders Program

Building a leadership advantage starts here.

Great leaders are the mark of every great civilization, country, and company. The most striking observation you can make about leadership, however, is the one that is most frequently overlooked.

The leaders who change the world and make history are not just top executive sitting in the C-suite who know how to manage something big, but young emerging leaders with a bit of bravery, creativity, and drive.

The Masterful Coaching Emerging Leaders Courses is specifically designed to help you develop the young emerging leaders in your organization and empower them to tackle today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.

People leave with direct access to being a leader, and with the mindset and skills they need to succeed.

This is no ordinary leadership program.

The goal of this program is not to teach people transactional content about leadership that you could find in any Ted Talk, blog, book, or conventional course.

The goal of this program is for you to have a transformational experience that gives you direct access to being a leader as a natural self-expression in any leadership situation.

It inspires you to dream bigger, re-imagine the everyday, to positively disrupt the status quo in a way that will help everyone be better off. It empowers you to recognize immediate opportunities in your job to make a difference (that never would have been seen before) and then make a commitment to action.

It’s a total immersion experience that compresses decades of development in days.

Robert Hargrove brings his tremendous depth and breadth of experience gained from coaching Fortune 500 CEOs, Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs, and conducting leadership programs with over 30,000 people and engages you in an extraordinary dialogue.

He asks provocative questions to gain insight into your biggest development need and then says the one thing that can make a difference.

You will witness breakthrough after breakthrough from morning until night, even during meal breaks and sports opportunities, which creates a total immersion experience.

You walk out the door not just with leadership principles, but with direct access to being a leader as a natural self-expression.

Most leadership programs start with a set of homogenized leadership competencies. Masterful Coaching starts with the most important business goals and most urgent priorities you face in your job.

We then ask you to look at what mindsets and skillsets you need to succeed in your job, not only for today, but for tomorrow. We provide guiding ideas, practical techniques, and easy to learn methods that translate around the world in a team-based action-learning approach.

You take away a new leadership model that can be applied to catalyzing innovation or solving complex problems.

In the Emerging Leaders Course, we teach a new hybrid leadership model for game changing innovation and solving big complex problems. It involves both leading from the front with a vision and leading from behind by setting the stage for collaboration and capturing group genius. It also involves disciplined intensity, relentlessness in driving execution.

Be the leader your business needs, build the mindset and skillset to succeed in any leadership situation.


  1. Get direct access to being a great leader in any situation
  2. Dream bigger, reimagine the everyday, disrupt the status quo
  3. Outsmart, out-think, and out-innovate the competition
  4. Build a great team that collaborates
  5. Find the pathways to power
  6. Build a personal and organizational brand
  7. Learn the seven business drivers


  1. Future proof your organization by developing the next generation of leaders
  2. Shift from a leadership at the top to leaders everywhere model
  3. Add leadership to the DNA Code of staff, finance, engineers, or HR business partners
  4. Teach people how to think and ask the right questions so you can take a day off
  5. Build great teams and collaboration skills to solve big complex problems
  6. Improve business results as a result of improved EQ, decisions and judgement calls
  7. Teach women, minorities, people from other cultures to find the paths to power


Day 1. Introduction: The road to leadership starts with you building rock solid character and living by supreme and enduring values. Leadership doesn’t start with providing a list of characteristics and traits. It starts with providing a context based on building rock solid character and instilling supreme and enduring values that throughout history have transformed ordinary people into extraordinary leaders. (See values to right right). Each person creates a Character Development Plan and is asked to live by an Honor Code based on supreme and enduring values. People look at how their lives and careers sync up or don’t sync up with these, especially when their integrity is tested or when they are presented with opportunities to make a difference which can lead to a crucible experience.

Day 2. Get direct access to being a leader as a natural self-expression as you learn to dream bigger, re-imagine the everyday, and disrupt the status quo. We focus on helping leaders discover and express the leader within by connecting them to their own true destiny, their ultimate vision and purpose, and source of motivation, so they can celebrate and express that externally in their work. We also encourage them to dream bigger, to re-imagine the everyday in their area, and to disrupt the status quo in a way that helps everyone be better off. Each person is asked to create a compelling image of an achievable future, both for themselves and their team. They share that with the entire group, sometimes up to a 100 people, which can be a life altering experience.

Day 3. People go for a business breakthrough that becomes the crucible for a leadership breakthrough. The course emphasizes that 70% of leadership development comes from leadership opportunities and hands on projects. Each person is asked to take their compelling image of an achievable future and design a business breakthrough project, that if achieved, will change everything.  They work with masterful coaches and in mastermind groups to design a One Page Strategic Plan that allows them to jump into action following the course. They also work with masterful coaches during the course to determine the specific skills and mindsets they need to deliver. (The coaches are available after the course to accelerate learning from experience.)

Day 4. Finding the path to power and accelerating your career prospects. It’s relatively easy to set goals and strategies; it’s much harder to find the path to power necessary to realize them. This day is about building the soft skills needed to make human connections, the ultimate strategic advantage, as well as the hard skills necessary to master the power dynamics inherent in any organization—building a personal brand, networking with key influencers, delivering. Preparation: you list your goals and strategies and then create a map of whoever is on your path to power.

Day 5. Breaking away from whatever is holding you back. Robert Hargrove interacts with you in such a way that helps you break the grip and excellent beyond barriers that prevent you from showing up as a leader in the world. You will go through whatever personal transformational you need to go through to reach your highest goals and objectives. Everyone makes a leadership declaration:I am committed to the possibility of… I am committed to giving up… I will act as if…. This is followed up on with post class coaching.


Download Robert’s bio.  Download Jay’s bio.



We offer Open Enrollment Emerging Leaders Programs in January and June. We focus on company sponsored programs with the idea of creating a critical mass of emerging leaders that will drive your strategies, tip the scales with the competition and dramatically improve customer experiences. These programs can take up to one hundred people. 


Our pricing is competitive with top business schools and leading development companies. We are committed to building the next generation of leaders for the future and want to make our programs conveniently accessible to as many as possible. For individuals who want to attend, we will on a selective basis invest 80% or more in the tuition with you paying the remaining amount as an expression of your commitment to becoming a leader and making a difference in your world. Call 617-739-3300 for an application.

SILVER OPTION: Value $9500,  $7500

  • Robert Hargrove’s New Emerging Leader Course 5 Days—Becoming the Leader Your Business Needs
  • Fireside Chats with Top University Faculty, CEOs and Entrepreneurs
  • Free copy of Robert Hargrove’s book, First 100 Days in a New Executive Job
  • Tool Kit: Inspiring leadership videos, “Discovering Your Purpose” instrument, One Page Strategic Plan, Giving and getting 360 feedback, and much more.
  • Coaching Cohort Follow Up: Group Guidelines and Contact List

GOLD OPTION: Value $12,000, Price $10,000

  • Robert Hargrove’s New Emerging Leader Course 5 Days—Becoming the Leader Your Business Needs
  • Fireside Chats with Top University Faculty, CEOs and Entrepreneurs
  • Free copy of Robert Hargrove’s book, First 100 Days in a New Executive Job
  • Tool Kit: Inspiring leadership videos, “Discovering Your Purpose” instrument, One Page Strategic Plan, Giving and getting 360 feedback, and much more.
  • Coaching Cohort Follow Up: Group Guidelines and Contact List
  • Office hours: 4 Coaching Sessions (45 mins) with a masterful coach over next 100 days

PLATINUM OPTION: Value $15,000, Price $13,000

  • Robert Hargrove’s New Emerging Leader Course 5 Days—Becoming the Leader Your Business Needs
  • Fireside Chats with Top University Faculty, CEOs and Entrepreneurs
  • Free copy of Robert Hargrove’s book, First 100 Days in a New Executive Job
  • Tool Kit: Inspiring leadership videos, “Discovering Your Purpose” instrument, One Page Strategic Plan, Giving and getting 360 feedback, and much more.
  • Coaching Cohort Follow Up: Group Guidelines and Contact List
  • Coaching Office hours: 10 Coaching Sessions (45 mins) with a masterful coach over next six months



1. Is it suited to both executives and team leaders?

The Emerging Leaders Course often includes up to 30% executives who realize: “I have to grow if the company is going to.” These executives also act as coaches to the 70% emerging leaders who participate in the program with 1 to 10 years of experiences. While there is plenty of structure to the MC Emerging Leaders course, much is based on the Master Coach and participants engaging in a 1 to 1 eye-opening, mind-bending dialogue about being the leader the business needs, not providing a standard 9 to 5 curriculum. One participant may talk about their vision of an impossible future and strategy to reach it, the next might talk about finding the path to power in the organization, and the next crushing whatever barrier that has been holding them back.

2. What is the size of the group?

Our research shows that the Masterful Coaching Emerging Leaders Course is actually more powerful when there are more people in it (ideal size is between 30 and 100). As the program is about a Masterful Coach interacting with people in an extraordinarily powerful dialogue, not a set and get approach, people often learn the leadership lessons they need to learn or get answers to the burning questions that are really on their minds, whether participating or observing. You will definitely witness breakthrough after breakthrough in this course. This is part of what differentiates the course from a classroom exercise and provides an immersion experience where each interaction has a magnifying effect.

3. What participants take away from the MC Emerging Leaders course?

We could say many things, but the main point is this: Most leadership gurus tell you that, if you go home from their course learning “my 10 Leadership Maxims” and getting a few powerful insights, it will have been worth all the time and money. We don’t say that, because for us, that point of view would be under performing and we don’t like to under perform. We say you will go home with direct access to being a leader as a natural self-expression in any leadership situation for the rest of your life. You will notice that you not only show up in the world as a leader, but that you start to have a consistent impact in every company you work for and every job you take on.

4. What is the agenda or topics?

Each day of the program follows a broad theme which provides just the right amount of structure, but lots of room for people to talk about whatever is on their minds.

♦ Your Leadership Character and Values Trump Charisma and Competencies. Leaders don’t always have charisma or the competency list, so don’t worry. George Washington was not a great intellectual, nor a great orator, nor a military genius, but he was a leader. What made him a leader was rock solid character and his belief in supreme and enduring values.

♦ Awaken the Original Leader Within (How Non Conformists Move the World). People are drawn to leaders who champion original ideas that unleash unique differences in companies, nations, and the world. You will learn to awaken the Original within you, so you can champion your own new ideas and stop automatically succumbing to the pressure to be a conformist and to always try to appease others. (Source, Adam Grant, Wharton)

♦ A New Leadership Model Based on a Shift From Solo Intelligence to Collective Intelligence. Every leader today needs to champion innovation and solve complex problems in order to drive sustainable performance. You won’t find the answers sitting under the tree, like Isaac Newton waiting for the apply fall on your head, or just by talking to your team. You need to create the big tent, bring far flung collaborators together, and capture group genius.

♦ How to Find the Courage to Take on the Impossible. Every emerging leader needs to set reasonable goals where there is a simple or obvious plan to reach key stakeholders expectations. Yet the need to always “play it safe” can displace setting worthwhile “moonshot” goals, where you don’t know all the answers when starting out. The course will help you find the courage to occasionally take on the impossible to try new things, and to get beyond fear of failure.

♦ Master the Power Dynamics Inherent in Your Situation. Emerging leaders focus on translating potential into positive change initiatives, but often grossly underestimate the power dynamics inherent in any organization. People look at their visions and strategies and create a power map of whoever is on it. Emphasis is places on making human connections with those people and then building alignment.

5. What makes your program different?

Most classical leadership programs bring in some thought leaders, provide a list great principles, put you through a 360 assessment based on a computer tick sheet. People walk out the door knowing what leadership is and with a list of tips and techniques to try to remember. Our goal is to provide a total immersion experience that compressed decades of leadership development in days The goal is to help each person in the room find their defining moment that transforms them into a leader. For example, you may have an area in your business where you want to have an impact, but never distinguished yourself as the leader who could have that impact, even though no one is stopping you. In the leadership course, you distinguish yourself as that leader. This is a life changing event with permanent impact, not just your typical leadership seminar with a three-day afterglow.

6. What success stories or evidence do you have?

Robert Hargrove has conducted the Masterful Coaching Emerging Leaders—Be the Leader Your Business Needs course with over 30,000 people over 30 years. One of Robert’s clients that he worked with for over a decade, starting as an emerging leader, became CEO of a Fortune 500 in 2010. In 2015, he was voted Fortune 500 CEO of the year. He took the company from $1 billion to $10 billion. Other success stories include coaching top Silicon Valley entrepreneurs who created unicorns that grew to over a $billion. Our main goal, however, is not to develop CEOs and freewheeling entrepreneurs, but to develop emerging leaders at all levels and in all areas who help build companies that truly matter. We pride ourselves on working with companies whose mission is doing what’s good for business and good for the planet.

7. It’s said that leadership programs often have a gap between promise and delivery. If we send people to your program will this happen?

We live in a world where leadership has never been more pivotal and where leadership often shows up in short supply. The reason often has less to do with leaders as individuals or with leadership programs, it has to do with hierarchal cultures where leadership rights are often unwittingly monopolized by a handful of people at the top. We work with CEOs and HRBP before and after the program to create a “Leadership Everywhere” culture where more people have the opportunity to lead. This often gets translated into small structural changes that have a big impact. We also coach participants to learn to recognize the countless opportunities they have right in front of them to take leadership and make difference.

8. How do you customize the program for us?

We meet with your CEO and HRBP before the program to ask you about your goals and objectives for the Emerging Leaders Course. We then customize the program accordingly. Robert Hargrove and his team have worked in over 300 different industries over a 30-year period. They worked with CEOs and leaders at all levels on almost every conceivable leadership or business issue. When you ask a question, we connect the dots between all these different experiences in coming up with a one of a kind answer you will probably hear nowhere else, but which will probably echo with your own instincts and inner truths that you have not paid attention to.

9. Could you give more detail about the program?

We could talk for weeks about the program details, but let’s focus on one or two things that really matter. It comes down to a few things: 1) Rock Solid Character. The road to leadership starts with building rock solid character. 2) Instilling Transforming Values. We don’t teach leadership characteristics and traits, but instill transforming values that throughout history have transformed ordinary people into extraordinary leaders (see list). 3) Getting People to Dream Bigger, Reimagine the Everyday, Positively Disrupt the Status Quo. We encourage everyone in the program to have a big dream, to reimagine the everyday and to do everything in their power to forward progress so as to help everyone be better off. 4) Go for results relentlessly, and don’t stop until you get them.

10. Why do we need this program?

There are a lot of leadership programs out there that teach you about leadership characteristics and traits, but don’t actually give you access to being a leader or send you back to a dis-empowering environment where there are no leadership opportunities. This program actually gives people direct access to being a leader as a natural self-expression in almost any leadership situation. For example, finding the courage to take on the impossible, having one’s integrity tested by a tough decision, growing as a leader in the process of helping other people grow as a leader, handling a customer complaint, delivering on this quarter’s economic performance.