What is a High Performance Board?Build a High Performance Board that Makes a Difference

Today, every CEO is under pressure from Wall Street to grow their business and grow it faster, but this involves taking risks which are often unacceptable to board members.

Many CEOs with weak boards confess to feeling lonely at the top, with their strategic priorities in limbo and their management team demoralized due to boards having a one-sided view of their job.

Other CEOs say that their board is their best sparring partner, providing diverse perspectives that lead to strategy innovation and better decisions, as well as sometimes acting as a life saving device.

The High Performance Board Program

Robert Hargrove works with Fortune 500 CEOs to build high performance boards. In our program, we don’t focus on the same academic things taught in business schools, such as board composition, board structure, board responsibilities and tasks.

We favor a more engaging and interactive approach and focus on what’s missing that, if provided, will produce a high performance board, one that makes a difference and is a dynamic force in the success of the company. For example:

  • Resolving conflicts between the CEO and the Board in real time
  • Building a shared vision of a HP Board that supports a HP company
  • What to do when board members become a “problem” or don’t add value
  • Making sure board members are connected in a good way
  • Shifting the narrative from just focusing on “problems” to focusing on “possibilities”

It’s not just about becoming a high performance board, it’s about becoming a high performance board member who makes a real difference.

Our Program is Customized to Your Issues 

To discover how to best design a program for you, we ask questions like:

  • How do you rank your board in terms of high performance?
  • How do you rank yourself as a board member?
  • Do you have the right composition of board members?
  • How might we redefine the role, structure, and social contract of the board?
  • What is the best way to involve the board as a strategic thinking partner?
  • What are you key elements to insure successful succession plans?
  • How do you deal with board dynamics? Board-management dynamics?

“The HPB program is engaging, stimulating, and fast paced,” Gary Peck, Chairman, The S Group

How the HPB Coaching Program Works

Masterful Coaching’s High Performance Board Programs starts with assessment of your current board situation, builds a shared vision of a HPB, and the steps to getting there.  The program involves monthly meetings with the CEO on an informal basis, as well as interacting on a quarterly basis with the board individually and collectively.

5 Step Process to Become a High Performance Team










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