Greatness is in Your DNA: Seven Levels of Leadership

Greatness is in Your DNA: Seven Levels of LeadershipA NEW book coming soon from Robert Hargrove

Somehow we have come to believe that greatness is for the chosen few, but the truth is that greatness is for all of us…it doesn’t require a famous name, working at a high level, or even a particular field. In truth, greatness is wherever someone is seeking to find it.

Greatness is the “inner side” of leadership; it’s the part of us that inherently wants to make a difference, to have an impact, to be effective in the world at large. It’s the part of us that wants to perform at the ultimate optimum level, and to celebrate and express our unique qualities of excellence.

While Greatness is in our DNA, many of us stop at being merely successful, content with the titillating inconsequential of life, and as a result, unwittingly settle for mediocrity. Consequently, we are all hungry spirits looking for something that we can’t quite articulate or put our fingers on.

This book is designed to help you FIND YOUR OWN GREATNESS—whether you are President of your country, CEO of a company, a doctor, teacher, lawyer or artist. It’s geared towards inspiring, empowering, and enabling great leaders at every level and in every sector.

This book will take you on a journey through the seven levels of leadership that culminates at being a world leader (or Level 7), even if your way of expressing it is not based on formal authority, but moral authority.

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The book will dramatically accelerate your development as a leader. You will learn how to make one quantum leap after the next, from being a highly capable individual, to being a contributing team member, a competent manager, change leader, effective executive or 10X CEO who connects higher purpose to high performance.

The book promises to be not just a page turner, but a spell binding read that is like watching a movie about Columbus, Spartacus, The Borgias, Lincoln, FDR and Ike all rolled into one. It will be richly illustrated with captivating stories of great leaders, at all levels and the role they played at critical times, both in history and current events.

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